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Interview with player Kristie Thompson

Published on March 16, 2011

Pretty Pet Salon has gained a massive number of players ranging from the casual to the hardcore. That won’t stop us from trying to get to know as many of them as we can, and what better way to begin than to have a little chat with one of our top players? Today we’re sharing a brief interview with Kristie Thompson, who over the a few months has already played for over 1,500 game days!

Whether you’re new to Pretty Pet Salon or are a veteran yourself, we know you’ll find this interesting. Without further ado, here’s our conversation with Kristie:

PPS: How did you find out about Pretty Pet Salon?
KT: I downloaded Pretty Pet Salon to get extra spending points for another game.

PPS: Interesting! When was that?
KT: Let’s see… I’m not positive but I think I downloaded the game around Christmas time.

PPS: Did you think that you would end up playing it so much when you first got it?
KT: No, I had no idea! I liked the game right away, though, when I began playing.

PPS: What do you like most about the game?
KT: I love that the game keeps me busy and that it is not TOO easy. I hate the games that you beat and are over in a couple hours.

PPS: Have you played [similar time-management games] before Pretty Pet Salon?
KT: Yes, I have played [a few other popular] games.

PPS: How do you rate this in comparison?
KT: Pretty Pet Salon is SO MUCH BETTER. The thing that irritates me so much about those other games is that you have to pay to level up… which is pretty ridiculous since leveling up is part of the game.

PPS: Glad to hear that! So how often do you play on average each day?
KT: Depending on how much free time I have I will usually play until I am able to level up. Sometimes I play for a few minutes, but I have played for a few hours at a time as well.

PPS: And what’s the longest time you’ve spent playing Pretty Pet Salon in one sitting?
KT: Probably a few hours while watching a few TV shows.

PPS: Do you ever plan on playing for that long or does it just happen?
KT: I do not plan it but if I do not have any other responsibilities I don’t mind playing often or for long periods of time at once.

PPS: You’re obviously an expert at the game, do you have any advice for other players who are just starting?
KT: It’s best if you can get a rhythm going and if you can group the tasks together to get them done.

PPS: Thanks for your time Kristie, and have a great day!
KT: You’re welcome! I love the game and I can’t wait for the new levels. 🙂

There you have it! It was really nice talking to Kristie, and we look forward to hearing more from our players. Remember, you can always get in touch with us through Facebook or through e-mail at support(at)animoca.com. You can also follow us via RSS and Twitter, so stay tuned for more updates!

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