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Home Updates Pretty Pet Salon Android 1.30 – New bonus and equipment!

Pretty Pet Salon Android 1.30 – New bonus and equipment!

Published on August 5, 2011

Here comes another update for Pretty Pet Salon Android! Make good use of our 2 new features to better manage your pet salon and increase your profit!

  1. New gameplay: Get the fast service bonus! Serve your customers as quickly as possible to get tips, and continue to serve the same pet just as quickly to get even more from the same customer!
  2. New equipment: The new Doorman temporarily stops customers from entering. This new item is useful when you’re having trouble in the harder levels. Be careful though: less customers = less income!

We’ve also added support for widescreen Android devices. Take advantage of that large screen and enjoy bigger and better graphics!

Go grab the latest version of Pretty Pet Salon Android, and stay tuned for more content and updates coming soon!

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