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Welcome to the Download Center! Scroll through the list of all the Pretty Pet applications below.

Pretty Pet Salon 2. The sequel to the highly-rated hit game Pretty Pet Salon is here, packed with more features and challenges! Manage multiple salons in different cities around the world!Click on the icon below to download Pretty Pet Salon 2 (Free): link-badge-appstore

PPJT512Pretty Pet Jewel Town. Our Pretty Pet series have a new and exciting game! Join Cuby and his uber great friends as they take a wild journey to matching shiny, colorful jewels and solve mind teasing puzzles!
Available on Google Play

PPF512Pretty Pet Farm. Start out with a small plot of land and work your way up to an island by growing and selling the best produce available. Pick your favorite plants from a huge variety of fruits and vegetables and bring your farms to life. With all your earnings, spruce up the land with the latest and greatest decorations from stepping stones to fairy tale castle!
Available on Google Playlink-badge-appstore
PPCinema512Pretty Pet Cinema. The adorable Cuby from the Pretty Pet series is back, and now he’s running a new movie theater. He needs your help at the counter, so your job is to dole out tickets and snacks to all the eager moviegoers marching in.
OMPF512Old Macdonald Pet Farm. Tired of the city life? Manage and decorate your very own farm with Cuby, the cute owner of Pretty Pet Salon! Start out with a small plot of land, grow crops, raise livestock, and craft goods. Visit other farms, interact with the townsfolk, and set up a roadside shop to sell your products! Available on Google Play
PPSA512Pretty Pet Salon Anniversary. Join us to celebrate the first anniversary of Google Play and the second birthday of the Pretty Pets! Animoca presents a special commemorative release: Pretty Pet Salon Anniversary, enhanced for high-resolution Android devices! Available on Google Play
Pretty Pet Salon — The original Pretty Pet game!This cute game lets you manage your very own pet salon, earning money for upgrades and more. This enchanting mini-game is challenging, entertaining, and sure to be hours of fun!
Available on Google PlayDownload from the Amazon Appstore for Android
Also available in Hong Kong through Samsung Apps:
Pretty Pet Salon Asian Edition IconPretty Pet Salon Asian Edition. A special edition of Pretty Pet Salon with a colorful Asian theme and the same fast-paced and addictive gameplay as the original!Click on the icon below to download Pretty Pet Salon Asian Edition (Free): link-badge-appstore
Pretty Pet Salon SeasonsPPSS512. This special new release brings you the highly addictive and exciting gameplay of Pretty Pet Salon jazzed up with various themes for each holiday or events! Play Pretty Pet Salon Seasons (FREE): android_app_on_play_logo_small.pnglink-badge-appstore
PPSSummerPretty Pet Salon Summer. Summer is definitely here, so start it off right with the new Pretty Pet Salon Summer! This special edition of Pretty Pet Salon offers the
same addictive gameplay that everyone loves, but this time with a
summer theme!
Pretty Pet Salon HD. The popular pet salon management game in stunning HD graphics for your tablet PCs!Click on the icon below to download Pretty Pet Salon HD (Free): android_app_on_play_logo_small.png
PPTS 512 IconPretty Pet Toy Store. With kids from all over the world eager to receive their dream toys for the holidays, it’s up to Cuby and the other Pretty Pets to make sure all the children receive presents – but they’ll need your help!Click on one of the icons below to download Pretty Pet Toy Store (Free): Available on Google PlayDownload from the Amazon Appstore for Android
Pretty Pet TycoonPretty Pet Tycoon. The sequel to the smash-hit adventure strategy game Pretty Pet Salon! Run a farm devoted to producing fruit, and use your quick reflexes and shrewd time management skills to help Piglina manage her farm and earn income.
Pretty Pet TycoonPretty Pet Tycoon HD. The popular strategy game, now in glorious HD for your Apple device!
My Pet CubyMy Pet Cuby. Take care of the virtual dog named Cuby by feeding him, playing with him and giving him a good pat on the head. Enjoy special animations that showcase Cuby’s personality, and watch him interact with his environment like the curious pup he is.Click on the icon below to download My Pet Cuby (Free): android_app_on_play_logo_small.png
Pet CafePet Cafe. Hire Cuby and his pals as waiters in a cozy new restaurant in the city! Cook and serve scrumptious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner to satisfy your hungry customers. Work hard to earn a good reputation and a healthy profit!Click on one of the icons below to download Pet Cafe (Free): Available on Google PlayDownload from the Amazon Appstore for Android
PC2512Pet Cafe 2. The Pretty Pets are back in the sequel to the massively successful Pet Cafe! Cuby and the other Pretty Pets have renovated their establishment with one thing in mind: to earn coveted Kitchelin Stars! Or at least that’s the plan… Click on one of the icons below to download Pet Cafe (Free): Available on Google Playlink-badge-appstore
PPMath1024Pretty Pet Math. Math doesn’t have to be boring! Train your child’s Math skills in a fun, exciting way with Cuby and the Pretty Pets! Sharpen your child’s wits and reflexes by making them solve arithmetic problems while guiding the cute Pretty Pets across the busy streets.
Available on Google Playlink-badge-appstore
Pretty Pet Pony. The pet-grooming fun continues in a brand new setting, and this time you’re in a far off place, surrounded by a bunch of colorful ponies!Click on the icon below to download Pretty Pet Pony (Free): link-badge-appstore
My Pet PandingoMy Pet Pandingo. Little did everyone know that Cuby’s friend Pandingo has a talent for magic. Play My Pet Pandingo and get a glimpse of Pandingo’s wacky and playful side! Let the show begin!Click on the icon below to download My Pet Pandingo: Available on Google Play
My Pet Pandingo Free. Try My Pet Pandingo for free before you buy!Click on the icon below to download My Pet Pandingo Free: android_app_on_play_logo_small.png
PC512Pretty Calculator. Let’s make math fun and stylish! Add, subtract, divide, and multiply with this sassy calculator app! Combining basic calculator functions and colorful design, solving math equations will never be boring! android_app_on_play_logo_small.pnglink-badge-appstore
PF512Pretty Flashlight. Light up the dark with this fashionably stylish new flashlight app!


PQR512Pretty QR Code Scanner. Transform your phone into a powerful QR code scanning utility with this user-friendly, stylish app! This QR code reader comes with an array of images that display cute and adorable images that you can use your front page background.


PMPlayer512Pretty Music Player. Bring color to your playlists like never before! Sporting a pretty pink geometric design, this app organizes your music files by track title, artist name, and album title, as well as other custom playlists you have saved on your device. Use the search function to find specific songs, or make a new playlist of your own choosing!


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