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Here comes Cuby… on a pony?

Published on August 10, 2011

Riding his silver steed, crowds cheering in the background, Cuby’s in the spotlight once again!

It looks like Cuby could use some help winning this race. What’s our cute little friend up to this time? Stay tuned!

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Pretty Pet Salon Android 1.30 – New bonus and equipment!

Published on August 5, 2011

Here comes another update for Pretty Pet Salon Android! Make good use of our 2 new features to better manage your pet salon and increase your profit!

  1. New gameplay: Get the fast service bonus! Serve your customers as quickly as possible to get tips, and continue to serve the same pet just as quickly to get even more from the same customer!
  2. New equipment: The new Doorman temporarily stops customers from entering. This new item is useful when you’re having trouble in the harder levels. Be careful though: less customers = less income!

We’ve also added support for widescreen Android devices. Take advantage of that large screen and enjoy bigger and better graphics!

Go grab the latest version of Pretty Pet Salon Android, and stay tuned for more content and updates coming soon!

Download Pretty Pet Salon Android (Free)

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Pretty Pet Salon Seasons HD 1.2.1 – New content!

Published on August 3, 2011

Grab the latest version of Pretty Pet Salon Seasons HD for the iPad and enjoy the awesome features available in the iPhone version! Read on for more details!

New content! Download new levels and future content updates through the Download page! Go to the main menu screen and tap on the Download button to see a list of available content. See how quickly you can get to the latest level, 12!

Daily bonuses! We’re bringing the Daily Bonus Lottery system to Pretty Pet Salon Seasons HD, where you have a chance to win free Pet Points! Each day you will receive tokens which you can use to spin the wheel. There’s a guaranteed bonus for every spin, but there’s a limit to how many you can store. Check back every day and don’t let those tokens go to waste!

Bug fixes have also been added to address crash problems and other issues.

We hope you enjoy the update! If you experience any problems with this update, just email us at support@animoca.com and we’ll look into it. Have fun!

Download Pretty Pet Salon Seasons HD (Free)



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Take on a new challenge with Pretty Pet Salon Pro!

Published on July 26, 2011

Play the brand new Pretty Pet Salon Pro for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and experience pet grooming mayhem like never before! This premium version of Pretty Pet Salon is just as addictive as the original, but even more fun, fast-paced, and exciting! Pretty Pet Salon Pro is available on Apple’s App Store for US$ 1.99, which includes 350 Pet Points plus a limited-time offer of 50 free tokens for the Daily Bonus Lottery!

What’s special about Pretty Pet Salon Pro?

Pretty Pet Salon Pro introduces you to a bigger and better pet salon. More seats will become available as you progress in the game, and a lot more customers will be visiting your salon. We’re taking pet grooming to a whole new level! Can you handle it?

350 Pet Points and more Daily Bonus tokens!

You won’t be stepping into this challenge without a little help, because each purchase of Pretty Pet Salon Pro includes 350 Pet Points! Use these Pet Points to hire staff and purchase upgrades early on!

What’s more, each day you will receive 2 tokens that you can use in the Daily Bonus lottery. That’s double the chances to win free Pet Points every day! Also, watch out for a special and mysterious offer in Pretty Pet Salon!

Get 50 more free tokens!

Purchase Pretty Pet Salon Pro now and you can get 50 more tokens for the Daily Bonus lottery. Simply tap on the “Download New Levels” button (you can get to it from the main screen). This is a one-time, limited-time offer, so act now!

EXISTING PLAYERS: You can transfer some of your data from the original Pretty Pet Salon to Pretty Pet Salon Pro!

Pretty Pet Salon Pro is now available on the App Store for US$1.99. We’d love to hear what you think, send us your feedback by emailing us at support@animoca.com. Do you have what it takes to conquer the world of pet grooming? Play Pretty Pet Salon Pro and find out!

Download Pretty Pet Salon Pro (US $1.99)


There may be issues that render the game unplayable after Day 1. If this happens, just relaunch the game.



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Pretty Pet Salon iOS 1.9 – Race to Level 20!

Published on July 25, 2011

If you enjoyed Pretty Pet Salon all the way up to level 13, then you’ll love our latest update! We’ve added a whopping 8 levels to the game, setting the new level cap at 20! Each new level you pass will be tougher than the last, with more demanding customers, more impatient pets, and more VIPs marching into your salon. Can you survive the pet grooming madness this time?

Pretty Pet Salon 1.9 also introduces Hasty, a new character for hire. You’re going to need all the help you can get to beat the new levels! But… if you still can’t handle the rush of customers, you can always purchase the brand new Doorman to keep new customers out. Be careful when you use it, after all, less customers also means less income!

Update Pretty Pet Salon for the iOS now and be the first to hit level 20! Good luck!

Download Pretty Pet Salon for the iOS (FREE)



We’ve also fixed the slowness problems occurring on certain kinds of devices on this patch. If you still encounter any problems while playing the game please let us know! Enjoy!


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