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Pretty Pet Salon 2.0 – New Features!

Published on December 9, 2011

Pretty Pet Salon, the original Pretty Pet game with millions of players worldwide, just got a big makeover!

Pretty Pet Salon 2.0 Splash Screen

First off, version 2.0 comes with a new, more user-friendly interface. Everything from stats to purchases are now presented more clearly!

Pretty Pet Salon 2.0 UI

On top of that, we have 2 new features to spice up your gaming. Power-up items are now available in the game: Tip Magnets that give your staff extra tips, Supercharged Facilities that allow any service to be performed at any station, and Power Boosts that make your staff work and move even faster.

All power-ups last for 15 seconds, and they can be a real big help in a game where every second counts. What’s more, everyone gets 10 of each power-up item for free!

Pretty Pet Salon 2.0 Power-ups

Finally, special random challenges will be given every time you start a new game day. Complete these challenges for special rewards!

Pretty Pet Salon 2.0 Challenges

Feel free to tell us what you think by emailing us at support@animoca.com. Your feedback and support is important to us! Thanks to you, Pretty Pet Salon is one of Apple’s top 100 Free iOS Apps of 2011, as featured in this year’s App Store Rewind! This update is all for you, so we hope you enjoy!


Pretty Pet Salon 2.0 for iOS (Free)

Pretty Pet Salon 2.0 for Android (Free)

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Announcing Pet Cafe for Android!

Published on November 28, 2011

The lovable Pretty Pets are back in Pet Cafe for Android! Help Cuby and his friends run a cozy new restaurant in the city in this brand new game with cute 3D graphics, upbeat music, and fun, relaxing gameplay!

Pet Cafe for Android

Your restaurant opens with a few simple dishes that you can choose to cook and serve, with more scrumptious menu items to be unlocked as you progress. Your goal is to build your humble café into a successful restaurant, and while your waiters will work non-stop, you still need to make sure they have everything they need to keep your diners happy! Demands increase as your restaurant grows, so pay attention!

Pet Cafe for Android 

As you rake in more cash, use your earnings to purchase upgrades for your café. Hire and train your waiters for better service, and make use of the game’s fun decoration mode to redesign your café. Your restaurant is open 24/7, so make sure you have enough food to serve your hungry customers, even while you’re not looking!

Pet Cafe for Android Pet Cafe for Android

The game’s 3D graphics allows you to pan, zoom in, zoom out, and rotate the camera as the game continues. Take some time to roam the streets outside your café, and you could find a few special surprises!

Pet Cafe is free for download on the Android Market, so go grab it now and enjoy!

Download: Pet Cafe for Android (Free)

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Play Cinderella Cafe now!

Published on November 20, 2011

Have fun with Cuby and his pals once again! It’s time for a new adventure in Cinderella Cafe!

Cinderella Cafe for iOS Cinderella Cafe 03

Cinderella Cafe brings Cuby and his friends to the faraway land of Fairy Kingdom, where they find Cinderella and her struggling cafe. Help them restore her business to its former glory using your skill, speed and quick thinking, making sure all customers are seated, served and satisfied.

Cinderella Cafe for iOS Cinderella Cafe for iOS

Call in more of Cuby’s friends for help, upgrade your furniture and redecorate your cafe with a variety of cute items rendered in colorful, candy-like graphics. Cinderella Cafe is available now for free on the App Store, so play now!

Download: Cinderella Cafe for iOS (Free)

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Pretty Pet Farm 1.4 – Turkeys Everywhere!

Published on November 6, 2011

It’s turkey time in Pretty Pet Farm with the release of another exciting update! Download version 1.4 to get the latest batch of new content!

Pretty Pet Farm! - Thanksgiving Update

The Thanksgiving turkeys are running loose! When you hear the gobbling, search the area for any nearby turkeys. Catch as many as you can and keep an eye out for the Jumbo Turkeys, big bonuses are in store!

Pretty Pet Farm! - Thanksgiving Update

You can also complete special Turkey Day quests for even more rewards, and purchase new items and crops from the shop.

Have fun catching those turkeys, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Download/Update: Pretty Pet Farm! for iOS (Free)

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Pretty Pet Pony 1.2 – Thanksgiving Update!

Published on November 3, 2011

Hop over to the App Store to get Pretty Pet Pony’s Thanksgiving update packed with cool new content! Here’s a quick rundown of what’s in store:

Pretty Pet Pony Thanksgiving

This update of Pretty Pet Pony features new Thanksgiving-themed costumes for both your jockey and your pony. New characters Speedy and Pandingo have also made their way to your stables to help keep all those ponies in perfect racing condition!

Pretty Pet Pony Thanksgiving

If they’re trotting in too quickly for you, you can now purchase the Blocker to temporarily keep new ponies from entering your stable.

Pretty Pet Pony Thanksgiving

Finally, the update even includes 4 new Thanksgiving-themed races for you to take on, and new levels up to level 13 for you to beat!

We hope you like the update, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Download / Update: Pretty Pet Pony for iOS (Free)

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