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Pretty Pet Farm! 1.2.0 – More fun with Quests and Bonuses!

Published on September 15, 2011

The latest update of Pretty Pet Farm! for the iPhone will have you tapping away harder than ever! Update to the latest and greatest version 1.2.0 to enjoy a bundle of new features including quests and special bonuses from none other than your cute and hardworking farmers. Working at your farm has never been this much fun!

New Quest System!

Saving up for a new farm or house? If you want to earn coins faster, the brand new quest system can help you do just that. Watch out for quests that will appear regularly on your screen. You can’t miss them, but you can always choose whether to accept them or not!

Pretty Pet Farm - Quests Pretty Pet Farm - Quests

Completing each quest can be easy or a bit more challenging, depending on how much effort you put into it. Do well and you get a “Good” reward, but do more than you’re asked and you’ll be given an “Excellent” reward. Whichever you choose, it’ll surely be worth your time!

Lucky Bonuses from your Farmers!

Your farmers are also feeling luckier than ever, and you get to reap the benefits! Visit the Farmers page in the shop and you’ll notice a little blue Info icon beside each of the farmers.

Pretty Pet Farm - Farmers Pretty Pet Farm - Lucky Bonus

Tap on the icon and you’ll see that each Farmer has a chance of giving you special bonuses. These bonuses range from a few extra coins to the ability to cause your crops to grow – instantly! Moolissa, for instance, can give you additional experience (XP) whenever her bonus kicks in. On top of that, having more Farmers or “pets” can increase the luck of your entire Farmer staff! The more the merrier, indeed!

For any feedback regarding this update and the new features, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@animoca.com. Happy farming everyone!

Download: Pretty Pet Farm! for the iOS (Free)

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Limited Offer: 1,000 Points free when you buy Car City Pro!

Published on September 14, 2011

With the success of the action-management hybrid Car City comes Car City Pro – the premium edition for the iPhone that gives you a running start! Read on to find out how you can get free points for Car City Pro and your Pretty Pet game, all in one special package!

What is Car City Pro?

In Car City Pro, you own a brand new car company, and you get to build and customize cars however you like. The Pro edition comes not only with the same fun features as the original, but also with 6000 coins and 350 Car Points free to kick things off!

Take your cars for a drive to show everyone what you and your cars can do. Prove that your company can make the best cars in town!

This week only: 1,000 Points free!

Visit the “Earn Pet Points” page in any of the Pretty Pet applications now until September 21, 2011, and tap on the offer to purchase Car City Pro. Proceed to download and run the application, and 360 Pet Points will automatically be added to the Pretty Pet game of your choice!

We’re not stopping there! Download Car City Pro within this week and you get a whopping 640 Car Points free instead of the original 350! That’s 360 Pet Points and 640 Car Points we’re giving away just for downloading the app this week. The offer will only last until September 21, 2011, so act fast!

To contact us regarding this promo or any of our applications, please send us an email at support@animoca.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Have fun using those free points!

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Celebrate the Moon Festival in Pretty Pet Salon Seasons!

Published on September 12, 2011

Join the celebrations for the upcoming Moon Festival, wherever you are in the world! Play Pretty Pet Salon Seasons for the iOS and visit the Shop in between game days. There you’ll find the special Moon Mansion theme made just for the festival!

We hope you all enjoy the lanterns, moon cake, and the festivities. Happy Moon Festival everyone!

Download: Pretty Pet Salon Seasons for the iOS (Free)

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Pretty Pet Salon Now Available via Amazon Appstore

Published on September 1, 2011

Got an Amazon account? You can now also get Pretty Pet Salon by hopping over to the Amazon Appstore with your compatible Android device via AT&T.

Of course, Pretty Pet Salon is still absolutely free! All the latest updates to Pretty Pet Salon will also be made available through the Appstore. Learn more about the Amazon Appstore from the Amazon website. Enjoy!

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Pretty Pet Salon Seasons 1.3 – New summer theme!

Published on August 29, 2011

The sun, sand and surf have made their way to Pretty Pet Salon Seasons! We’re celebrating the last stretch of summer with a theme update for the game, where you get to run your pet salon in the same cool beach theme that we saw in Pretty Pet Salon Summer!

Still as fun and still as challenging as ever, Pretty pet Salon Seasons gets its long-awaited theme update. We hope you enjoy it!

Download: Pretty Pet Salon Seasons iOS (Free)

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